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More Relationship Advice Help and Intelligence

When you think about it, we never got taught relationship skills in school.  Spending a few minutes learning more relationship intelligence can pay off with years of more love, deeper bonding and emotional connection. 

There are way more than three tips that could improve your relationship starting today.  There are tons.  However, if we focus for now on just three, the following would be a great start. It doesn't have to be hard work to have a better love relationship.

Relationship Advice Tip Number One is Play. You got in your relationship in the first place to play, to have fun. Then over time the play can begin to disappear so that even sex seems like work. However, the more play you have with your mate, the less fighting you will have as well. And it is easy to start playing more with your mate.

So tip number one is to have some play time with your mate at least weekly. Do you at least plan a date night? What things do you do each week together that you both enjoy?

Relationship Advice Tip Number Two: Get Better At Conflict. Look, conflict is going to happen in any long term relationship. How you manage and deal with the conflict is the key to having a better relationship. During conflict we all tend to revert emotionally to 7 year olds, but screaming at your mate or expressing contempt are some of the big trouble signs for a relationship.

As you will be arguing with your love from time to time anyway, it is good to start now to take some time to learn how to deal with conflict in healthy ways. One simple method is to learn to attack less during a fight and use "I" statements rather than "you" statements to discuss how you feel.

Relationship Advice Tip Number Three is NO Mind Reading. Your mate can't read your mind. They don't actually "just know" what you want and need. Recognize this and help them out by asking for what you want. If you need some quiet time, ask for it. If you need them to just listen instead of give you their advice, ask for that as well.

By asking for what you want, you let your partner choose to provide it. They don't have to guess. Be a good mate by giving your lover a chance to know what you really want by asking for it, and encourage them to ask for what they need as well.

There is obviously a lot more to each of these three topics. Books have been written on them. But spending some time and effort on these three Relationship Advice Help tips will pay off for your relationship over the long term.


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