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Relationship Advice  

While we never got any formal training in school on relationships, there is a surplus of relationship advice being offered today. 

This site offers several types of relationship advice. 

First, is the book How To Have The Relationship You Want.  This book gives you step by step instructions on how to develop your relationship intelligence and get more love, pleasure and intimacy in your relationship.  To find out in more detail what it offers, please click here.

Second, if you wish to have some simple relationship advice that works for a broad range of issues, read on.  There are Three Primary Relationship Rules for Thriving Intimacy.

1.)  Play more!  You got into your relationship to play and have fun initially.  Don't stop!  Make sure that your relationship has play in it!  Have a date night most every week.  Watch a funny movie or sitcom and Laugh together!  Grab or touch your partner playfully from time to time.  Give up irritations and resentments for an hour and have sex like its your first time in months.  Play.  The more play there is in relationships, the less complaint's there are.   Yes, you're an adult with all your adult responsibilities,

2.)  Deal with Conflict Healthily!  Besides play, how couples deal with conflict is a huge factor in determining the well being of a relationship.  You are going to have breakdowns.  That's normal.  How you deal with it can damage your relationship or strengthen it.  Two healthy methods are obvious:  first, try to come up with a win/win.  What will have you both getting some of what you want?  Second, let go of what you can.  Don't let resentments and anger build up and become your focus.  The book Train Your Mate goes into detail on how you can deal with conflict in a healthy manner.  Sulking, the silent treatment, attacking, whining and bitching are not healthy ways of dealing with conflict and getting what you want!  Turn any complaints you have about  your partner into requests.

3.  Communicate regularly.  Not just talk, but connect.  Intimacy is often mistaken with sex, but sex is just one way to experience intimacy and  closeness.  Talk with your mate like you do with a best friend.  Let your hair down.  Take off your mask from time to time and share what's bothering you, what's exciting you, and what you think about things.  Sharing creates close relationship!

4.  Keep exploring!  There are many ways to increase your relationship intelligence.  This site has many articles to support you on your path to more love and intimacy.



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