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Relationship Advice About Feminine Energy

Is there such a thing as the power of the feminine? Of course. As we shall discover, there is a lot of power that women have in the area of relationships. Women have intimacy skills that in general men often do not.  This is because they are connected to and process what could be called "feminine energy."

How is it that women could be called masters at relationships? More specifically, how can it possibly be said of you, who may have a past littered with the bleaching bones of dead relationships and failed couplings? The reasons for this are twofold. First, you are connected to and processing Feminine energy, which has to do with Affinity and Connection. Secondly, you were raised differently than men.

When you were a young girl, you played with dolls and you played house and you played at imaginary tea parties. The fact that most all women play with dolls (figurines, stuffed animals, etc.) as young girls is no trivial matter. Around the world, in almost every culture, girls play with dolls in some form.

What does it matter that you played with dolls? Well, playing with dolls is playing at relationship. It is playing and practicing nurturing and empathy and communication skills.

This is remarkable. We have an important gender distinction here that should not go unnoticed. Nurturing and empathy are High Feminine qualities. While boys are playing with toy guns, girls are playing at deep feminine skills like connecting and nurturing and compassion.

Little girls also have imaginary tea parties. At these tea parties they are also doing something that involves relationships skills. That demonstrates the High Feminine.

They are communicating and connecting! Nesting, cooperating, nurturing, caring and bonding through communication are high feminine qualities. You grew up with them. You played at them when you were a child. As a young girl, you developed and practiced these skills. Boys, in general, do not.

The lesson right in front of us is that women have a lot of relationship skills. If you are a woman, use your innate knowledge. Train your mate to connect and bond and nurture. If you are a man, understand that women know a lot about relationships that you may not. Learn from them. You will both benefit.

We never got taught relationship skills in school.  Spending a few minutes learning more relationship intelligence can pay off with years of more love, deeper bonding and emotional connection.  Relationship advice can be simple and doesn't need to be hard to follow!



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