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Relationship Advice For Keeping True Love

We all want to live happily ever after.  And everyone knows you can't do that unless you find your true love.  Songs are written about it. Movies are made about it.   Romance novels are published about it.  We are all led to believe that there is a true love out there and until we find it we can't live happily ever after.

So we search all over and up and down and finally find someone and it does feel fantastic - for about the first six months or so. During this time, we feel totally loved and we love everything about our new mate.   This is true love!  We've found it and it does feel as great as the movies suggest.

But then time passes and this feeling of true love fades. And this is a huge, big problem for all of us. We thought we found our true love and it felt so great but then little things start bothering us like the way they leave the toothpaste cap on or off. We also notice that where in the beginning we wanted to spend all our time with them now we want some time to ourselves.  Or, we are hurt that they, who wanted to spend all their time with us, now want some space.  Is this bad? What happened to our true love?

No, it isn't bad. This is going to happen for all of us. Researchers have found that relationships have phases. They call the first phase of a new relationship

the oceanic love phase.

This is where everything is great and we feel so loved and loving towards our mate. It is a powerful bonding phase. It feels fantastic.  We think about our lover when we aren't with them, we are happy just sitting next to them on the couch when we are with them, life feels wonderful.   Click here for part 2 of this article.




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