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 You can read much of the book Train Your Mate - How To Have The Relationship You Want, here, to see if it is for you!

Train Your Mate - How To Have The Relationship You Want


Relax and take it easy as you read and do the exercises that follow.  These skills are "new."  You weren't introduced to them in school.  It's okay to feel a little confounded or challenged by some of this material.  Once you have completed the exercises for each skill you will know enough to begin to practice them in your relationship.  If you stumble and fumble at first, it is okay.  It takes a while to grasp and apply new knowledge in any field of endeavor.   

Consider this course to be like kindergarten and grade school.  All you need to do

is to show up, and the information will gradually rub off over time.

             The first time someone talked to you about a skill called "division" you probably had no idea what they were talking about.  How in the world could 24 divided by 8 equal 3??  This division stuff makes no sense whatsoever!!  But you kept getting on the school bus and going to class and tackling the material and soon - VIOLA - it all made sense.

            In the same way, these Relationship Skills are just as revolutionary and remarkable as those mathematical skills that now seem so basic - but at one time looked near impossible.  If you encounter any difficulty in absorbing these skills relax and keep reading.  After a few pages and a few exercises you will begin to get the idea.  Just "showing up," reading and following the exercises will insure new relationship skills.

            How about if you could stop conflict, nagging, bitching and fighting with your mate, yet get what you want at the same time?  There is a skill, a form of Relationship Intelligence that will enable you to do exactly that, and you are about to begin to master it!  Like division, it will help your relationship every time you put it to use.  And like most math, once you've done it enough times you will be able to use it automatically.   

This Relationship Skill  is one of the most  incredible things

you can learn in this lifetime.

             Like division and multiplication, it will take practice, perhaps weeks and months, before it becomes automatic, but it will be well worth the enjoyable effort.  How would your life be if you knew that you almost never needed to argue or have conflict with anyone?  And if you knew that, for the most part, people would cooperate with you and do what you wanted?  In a few pages you are going to learn this “talent” that is more valuable to your well-being and enjoyment of life than the rarest jewel.  Welcome to a new future for relationships!

            So relax and enjoy as you read and learn the Relationship Skills.  As remarkable as they are, they can be learned and they will rub off.  Even if most of your life you have argued and fought with your significant others, or hardly felt any love at all, you can learn these tools and change your life and your relationships for the better. 

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