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Relationship Advice Help On Playful Intimacy

We all get into relationships to feel love. At first there's lots of it, but after a while it becomes more hit and miss. If you want to increase the love you actually feel in your relationship, there are many powerful ways to do this.

One skill you can use to double the love you feel is called Playful Intimacy. This is a tool that you can learn in minutes and use to add to the love you feel starting today.  In just minutes from now you can consciously on purpose add more love to your relationship.

To start using the tool of playful intimacy, stop a moment and think of 4 things your mate could do that would make you feel good, happy and loved. Start with easy actions they could take that wouldn't take long but that would make you feel nice, happy, pleased if they did them.

You can think of bedroom acts, but for this exercise start out with things your mate could do that would make you feel loved outside the bedroom.

It could be wearing sexy lingerie around the house, giving you a shoulder massage, or cuddling on the couch for a few minutes after you both get home from work. What wouldn't take much more than five minutes of time from your mate that would please you?

Once you've come up with a few things, you are well on your way to doubling the love you feel. Instead of making your mate try to figure out little things they could do to make you happy, you figure it out for them!

Next you make an Intimate Request every day. You ask them to cuddle on the couch for a few minutes after dinner. Or you ask them to rub the tiredness from your feet.

Here's the heart of the skill. You and your mate want more love. They can't read your mind. You figure out what makes you feel loved then ask them to do those things! You ask them playfully, or you offer a trade, but you ask! Make it okay if they say no sometimes, but ask.

You really can add more love to your relationship consciously. You can cause more love. You stop moping about diminishing love and you be proactive to build more of it into your love life. Then ask your mate what would make them feel good, and do some of those things for them. In just minutes from now you can see how this works to double the love you both feel in your relationship.

We never got taught relationship skills in school.  Spending a few minutes learning more relationship intelligence can pay off with years of more love, deeper bonding and emotional connection.  Relationship advice can be simple and doesn't need to be hard to follow!


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