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Jen's husband screwed up. He cheated on her, got caught and she kicked him out. Jason felt like an idiot and wanted desperately to get back together. He begged and pleaded with her to give him another chance. “It meant nothing, it’s you I really love!” But Jennifer said exactly what most women in this situation feel: “No Way, I can never trust you again.” Both of them were hurt and feeling miserable.

Jason had lost his marriage over a “meaningless” fling. He was desperate for relationship advice.   Jen felt betrayed and could see no way to get back to the feelings of love for her husband. Was there any marriage help for her?

Divorce and relationship breakups happen all the time for all kinds of reasons. Cheating is one of the biggest causes, but it can be anything. Constant fighting and arguing. One spouse just “isn’t that into” the other one anymore. Or one of you is too jealous and the other feels smothered. Whatever. Relationship problems lead to breakups.

But what if you can get your husband or wife back, even for the worst of transgressions? Using the information you’re about to discover, Jen made a specific kind of call to her soon-to-be ex husband

that took less than ten minutes.

In that one phone call something remarkable happened for Jen. She actually began to feel like maybe she could trust him again. So they got back together that same night. Yes, they still have some things to work on, but they got back together because Jen learned something remarkable about how to get over an affair.

What if you could get your spouse back?  What if you could stop your divorce?  And in the process build a stronger marriage than you had before? It happens a lot, and it can happen for you. What if you could move beyond any and all past mistakes made between you and save your marriage in hours?

My name is John Laney and I teach courses on Relationship and Emotional Intelligence. I’ve written a book called How To Get Your Love Back Now. The 7 Minute Reconnect Method Jason used is just one of the powerful approaches you can learn to win back your ex and help fix your marriage.

What if your relationship ended over another huge problem – your husband or wife just isn’t that into you? The passion died away. Like when Mike told Debra “Things just aren’t the same anymore… we seem to have lost the love…” and walked out of her life. Debra felt crushed. Her husband had dumped her because things had gotten too stale and mechanical.   The passion was gone.  Ouch!  And this happens in marriages the world over, all the time. But what could she do when he just wasn’t that into her anymore?

Can you get your ex husband back when
they’re just not that into you?

This kind of common relationship problem requires a whole different approach than Jen needed with Jason. And its not hard to learn at all. Debra made a different kind of call to Mike.

It took less than ten minutes.

She followed it up with a second call the next day and they were back together and got over their breakup within two days.   She and Mike are now both back in love and having more fun than ever before. You can learn exactly what she said in the call to win back his heart. You see, relationships deal in Emotional Logic. Learn it, and you can turn your ex husband back into your love.

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Jen used some compelling Emotional Intelligence to get back with Jason. The 7 Minute Reconnect Method that she used won’t work for everyone. Yet it’s perfect for most situations. It is powerful and it will help you to move beyond mistakes with your ex or that your ex made with you much more quickly.

Debra used a very different kind of Emotional Logic to get back with Mike. Even after Mike said the dreaded words “Maybe we can still be friends.” And, she had a lot of fun doing it.

I am going to tell you in this letter one of the first basic pieces to winning back the love of your ex. But first, please understand

It’s Not Hopeless!

Look. If you are in the midst of a break up or divorce, I know it’s a hard time. A break up is an emotional hurricane of very difficult feelings to deal with. Heartache. Sadness. Loneliness. Desperation. In Jen’s case betrayal and shame and in Debra’s case sadness and grief. Break up’s trigger some of the worst feelings in our lives.

You can cry at the drop of a hat. Or see two lovers holding hands and suddenly feel the weight of a bowling ball in your gut for what you’ve lost. Hear a love song on the radio and feel crushing heartache.

But what if you could win back your ex? What if you could not only begin to repair the damage but learn some simple methods to have more love than ever before? What if you could stop a breakup or divorce dead in its tracks with a 7 minute conversation?  What if you could turn your ex husband into your lover again within hours? 

But how?? Is there some secret recipe to making your ex want you back? Is there some code proven by others that you could rush your love back into your arms?

The Code can be called EQ.

EQ stands for Emotional Intelligence. Jen had a tough problem to overcome, right? Cheating is one of the biggest relationship killers in the world. He desperately wanted another chance, but Jen kept feeling she could never trust him again. What can you do if that’s the case?  Now - whether you wronged your spouse and cheated on them or they wronged you - learning some EQ will help you get your love back and stop your break up or divorce.

You need Emotional Intelligence if you are

Calling your ex ten times a day and leaving voice mails

Obsessing over what happened

Having a hard time thinking about anything else

Feeling drained of energy

Feeling hopeless, like nobody will ever love you again

Thinking about stalking and spying on them

Rehashing your last conversations endlessly

And, if you do talk to your separated spouse, what if it gets no better, or even worse? Does your soon to be ex husband or wife seem more distant or angry or resolved to stay clear of you? That’s okay, because

We can make a lot of mistakes during a break up, like

  • Tell our spouse it’s their fault
  • argue even louder and harder.
  • try to avoid blame.
  • beg and plead
  • come across as totally desperate and needy.
  • Try the “silent treatment”
  • or get pushy and obnoxious.

Some friendly advice? Don’t do those things or stop doing them.  They’re bad Emotional Logic, and will drive your ex husband  or ex wife even further away!

Make Your Ex Want You Back With the 7 Minute Reconnect Method

Like I said, I teach Emotional and Relationship Intelligence courses. And one of the first things that you learn coaching couples is this: all marriages have breakdowns. You know what a breakdown is - Fights, arguments, upsets, distancing. It’s gonna happen in all relationships.

Well, since millions of couples every day have breakdowns in their relationship, many marriage studies have been done to see what works and what doesn’t work when couples have problems. After all, there are lots of opportunities to observe this, right?


And here’s what the studies
on thousands of couples found!

Most people deal with breakdowns by doing one of two things. They either attack or withdraw. Attackers (who aren’t bad and are very nice people usually) try to argue or dominate or manipulate their mate into agreeing with them. Attackers are so uncomfortable with the breakdown/upset they try to force their mate to see it their way.

“Retreaters” (who are also very nice people) have a whole different strategy. They are so uncomfortable with the breakdown that they shut down. Withdraw behind a wall of silence. Shut out their mate. They come across as cold and distant.

Now we have all attacked and “retreated” in different arguments in our lives. In some relationships, both of you retreat behind walls of silence. The distance between you gets so vast and can feel so uncross-able! And with some other couples, both of you attack and argue until it seems that’s all that you do. And some of us “attack” by begging and pleading relentlessly with our ex.

But both attacking and
withdrawing are mistakes!

They keep the upset from being resolved! And, attacking and withdrawing both damage the quality of the relationship. But if you’re like most people, you’re stuck! You probably know that attacking/forcing your separated spouse won’t get them back. Or you know just as clearly that the “silent treatment” and being cold and distant isn’t working either.

What else can you do?

Well, just as studies have figured out what doesn’t work to save a marriage, there are also several things people do to reconnect that do work. Saying “I’m sorry” til you’re blue in the face doesn’t work, but saying “I’m sorry” using the right Emotional Logic can work within minutes.  And if, like Jen, you've been wronged by your mate, hearing someone keep saying "I'm sorry" over and over again doesn't make it better.

Three other important things have to happen first in an apology for it to really work the way you want it to.  And almost nobody gets these three vital steps right. Learning what to say before I’m sorry can allow you to be back with your ex often within minutes or hours from now.   It can literally save your marriage!  And, if you've been wronged by your husband or wife, there is a powerful way to help them apologize to you in a way that works!

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I’ve been studying and teaching about breakdowns in relationships for years now. I’ve coached lots of people on how to reconnect and get back together. And one of the most interesting things I’ve learned is this: a few powerful conversations that take less than ten minutes can begin to get most married couples past big problems.   After a ten minute discussion you can begin to be back in love within hours.

Whether its cheating or being wronged or loss of passion and boredom. Often times, just ten minutes of the right kind of Emotional Logic can begin to win back your love. No begging or pleading. No yelling or forcing. No more being cold and distant. The Emotional Intelligence involved in getting your love back can be learned in minutes from the book

How To Get Your
Love Back Now

The Complete System

This book isn’t about tricks and gimmicks like “bumping” into the separated spouse at the restaurant they’re eating at or trying to make your ex jealous by acting like you have a new lover. Tricks and gimmicks won’t work in the long run. Trying to manipulate or trick your mate to get back with you is a flimsy plan that will hurt you long term.

Let’s look at what’s in How To
Get Your Love Back Now
and how it can help you:

The 7 Minute Reconnect Method. This is powerful. It gives you an “almost unfair advantage.” And you can learn it in just minutes and put it to use today. Now, not all break ups can be repaired in 7 Minutes, but you’ve got to learn this essential tool whatever your situation. (Begins on Page 10)

How to Regain Their Trust! If you cheated or in some other way betrayed your spouse and you’re worried they’ll never be able to trust you again, you must learn this. Most people think it can take years, if ever, to rebuild trust, but you’ll find out it can be done within hours! (Page 13)

How To Get Over Being Wronged! Lots of lovers get betrayed by their husbands or wives, and feel like they can’t trust them ever again. Learn how to give your spouse a second chance and keep the same problem from ever happening again.
(Page 23-28 tells you exactly how to accomplish this!)

What To Do If They’re Just Not That Into You! This happens a lot in relationships. Your partner gets bored or loses passion for you. They just don’t seem to be that into you any more. What can you do to turn this around in just a few days? Not only is there lots you can do - it can be some of the most fun you’ll have too! (The Chapter beginning on page 59 walks you through this easy and fun fix!)

The Immediate Reconnect Strategies. The 7 Minute Reconnect Method is just one of several that you can put to use today to get back with your ex, depending on your particular situation. This section takes you by the hand and walks you through exactly how to reconnect quickly with your separated husband or wife. Not a bunch of theory, just a practical “here’s what you say and do” to get your ex wanting you back.

What If They Aren’t Returning My Calls? How can you reconnect if they refuse to talk to you? Find out exactly what you must do to deal with this common problem.
(Page 33)

How To Stop All the Fighting and Arguing. That’s what’s driving you apart. Learn two powerful skills to stop fighting at the source. Before it begins, oftentimes. Discover how to make love not war with your ex.
(Starts on Page 78)

What If They’re Seeing Someone Else? This is one of the most challenging scenarios you can deal with. You want your marriage partner back, but they’re dating someone else. This one technique on page 57 can change your future.

Sex With The Ex! Make up sex is great, and this is a vital part of your reconnect strategy. Yet men and women should deal with it entirely differently.  Find out how fast you should have sex with your ex.
(Find out why on page 20)

The Gradual Reconnect Strategies. Some relationships need time to heal. Couples are obviously at different places in their relationship breakdowns. Some may seem almost beyond repair or hope. Everyone has a different story and situation they need to deal with. If the Immediate Reconnect Strategies don’t work for you fast, then these Gradual Reconnect Strategies will get your ex back into your arms.

How to Stop The Pain of a Break Up! In a break up, both of you are dealing with some of the heaviest emotional troubles you will ever experience. How can you take care of yourself and start to feel better immediately, today? How can you help your husband or wife get over their bad feelings? Learn this and in as little as two minutes a day you can make heartache disappear. (Page 45)

How To Make Your Ex Purr with Pleasure! Learn this amazing tool for when you get back together. It takes just five minutes a day, and you’ll soon be hot for each other like you were in the beginning.  (Page 67)

Want proof that it works?

I realize this might be starting to sound like some overhyped sales pitch and you may be skeptical. Having worked with tons of couples, I can honestly tell you that this is marriage and relationship advice we all need. I’m passionate about getting the word out. It does make a difference. Everyone should have it. Hopefully someday it will be taught in schools. But here’s some “proof” from satisfied clients:

“John, your course is golden! Got back together later the same day I ordered your book. Thanks for making it so simple and easy. Your 7 Minute Reconnect Method makes sense and was easy to follow. Julie and I are both back in love again!”

Tony Hill, San Diego, CA
(got back together in 7 hours)

“Thanks for helping me get my ex back! He cheated on me and I didn’t know how to get over it. I was so mad but so sad. What you told me to do really worked. Thanks for showing me the light!”

Jen Davis, Lakewood, CO
(got back together in 2 days)

“John, what you taught me about relationships in just a few chapters not only helped me get my ex wife back but now we’re happier.  I didn't think anything could stop our divorce but this did it!”

Robert Pardee, Oaxaco, Mexico
(got ex back in 15 days)

“My ex just wasn’t that into me. I did what you said, and now he is more into me than ever.  And, just like you said, it was fun to do!  This should be on Oprah!”

Ardelle Johnson, Minot, North Dakota
(got ex back in 8 days)

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Let me be clear. This is not about using some tricks or gimmicks to try to manipulate the ex into taking you back. Even if such things worked, your relationship would be based on trickery and not Real Love. Eventually it will fail.

This is about using your own Emotional Intelligence to get what you both want and need in your relationship.   The Emotional Logic necessary to stop your break up or divorce and make your mate want to hold you close again is easy to learn.  You can download the book in the next 2 minutes and use the 7 Minute Reconnect Method within one hour from now!  You'll love it, and so will your ex!

Frequently Asked Questions
about How To Get Your Love Back

What does How To Get Your Love Back Now cost?
The Relationship Intelligence skills you will learn in this book cost $39. For the cost of one night out with your ex you can soon know exactly how to get the love back in your life. Given the emotional and financial “costs” of a break up, give yourself a treat. You and your ex deserve it.

What if your strategies don’t work for me?
Good question. This book comes with a 60 day guarantee. You get 60 days to see if it works or doesn’t. And if you read this book and don’t think it will work for you, you’ll get a refund. No questions asked. And, you’ll have learned some powerful Emotional Logic for the time you invested to read the book. You’ll still have this powerful knowledge to use for the rest of your life.

Can I really get my ex back in 7 minutes?
Yes, you really can, and you’ll understand how within the first 15 pages of the book. Many couples can get back together within a few hours after learning this technique. Other couples and marriage situations will take longer.  And, no system or method for getting your ex back will work with every couple.  But whatever your circumstances, you will find it covered in this book.

Does your system always work?
No, it does not!  If you can get back together with your ex, this system will help you to do it FAST.  However, each break up is different and every person, including your ex, is free to choose to come back to you or not.  There are many situations where getting your ex back is unlikely, for example, if they have moved in with someone else or moved to another city.  But again, if you can get your ex back, this system will walk you through how to do it!

When will I receive the How To Get Your Love Back Now book?
Immediately upon ordering. You will be able to download it in just minutes and start putting it to use to win back your love. However, I strongly advise that you read the whole book before using any of the Immediate or Gradual Reconnect strategies. You need to understand how they all can work together based on your marriage's individual situation to win back the love of your life. But you can read the whole book in just about an hour.

What if we broke up a long time ago? Is it too late?
No. As you will see, in some cases it can even be easier for you to reconnect. Your situation is far from hopeless. The techniques taught in the Reconnect Strategies have still proven successful even after a long break up or divorce.

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"Order and download How To Get Your Love Back Now. If you are not back together with your ex within 60 days…or you are not absolutely delighted for any reason…You will receive a prompt and courteous refund."

Order now because every hour you wait might only have them drift further apart from you. Time can be your biggest enemy.  And you deserve to spend the rest of your life with the man or woman you love. You deserve a second chance to make things right with your spouse and save your marriage.

So please, give yourself a treat. Do something great for both of you. You do deserve it. There is absolutely no risk!  Click the order button below. Download How To Get Your Love Back Now.  Learn the incredible power of the 7 Minute Reconnect Method and use it today.


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We weren’t taught any
Relationship Intelligence in school.

P.S. It took me years to learn this stuff. You can learn it in minutes. And if you’re suffering from a potential or actual divorce shouldn’t you know some of the most powerful Emotional Intelligence techniques available to get back with your ex husband or ex wife? People have used Emotional logic to stop a divorce dead in its tracks, so this will work for your situation too. Wouldn’t you benefit for the rest of your life if you knew clearly how to repair a broken marriage?

Read what others have had to say about this system:

" My husband called off the divorce!"

He was so mad that I cheated on him, I thought he'd never get over it, but after using your Trust Rebuilder he started to soften and now things are looking much better.

"We have a date for tomorrow!"

I called him up, followed your advice step by step, and we're seeing each other again tomorrow.  Thanks one hundred million!

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"We are talking again!"

Your book was a lifesaver!  It really helped me to know exactly what to do.  I thought she'd written me off completely but we talked for over an hour last night.  Things are looking good and I really thank you!

"It took 15 Minutes Not 7!"

Haha!  You said your immediate reconnect strategy would work fast, and I didn't believe it, but I'm not complaining!  She accepted my deep apology and invited me over last night.

"My attitude is much better and he noticed!"

You can get so down on yourself and weepy in a breakup.   After following your advice, I felt so much better and he noticed.  He actually suggested getting together for coffee next week.  I didn't have to push!  I am so grateful.
Jo Ann

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