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Relationship Advice - True Love

There are many useful things to understand about true love.  One thing is that it doesn't last.  After three to six months, the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over.

You then move into the Me/Us phase.   In the honeymoon phase, you would cuddle next to him on the couch while he watched football.  Even though you hated the game.  In the Me/Us phase, you go out shopping or do your own thing instead.  You are "way over" watching football just to be close to him!

This isn't bad.  We each need to figure out boundaries within a relationship.  We each need to learn to follow our own goals and interests and not submerge them to our mates.  The Me/Us phase is a period that can last years where we are figuring that out.

This is very healthy, but people often feel they are losing true love when they move into the second phase of a relationship.  They start to argue and sometimes they break up, thinking they have, alas, lost true love again.

But if you hang in there, not take it personally that you each have to get on with your life, then true love can survive and thrive.  You want your true love to support each of you in your life, not smother you.

Keeping true love alive is an art, but it can be done.  Here are some more ways to do this: 

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