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 You can read much of the book Train Your Mate - How To Have The Relationship You Want, here, to see if it is for you!

Train Your Mate - How To Have The Relationship You Want


Why am I, a male, writing a book on intimacy and relationship skills?  Because I know how men are!   My feelings weren’t important.  I confused sex with intimacy.   I wanted closeness but kept my distance.   Making sure I was “in charge” but not knowing where to go.  Many people I know still are that way.  Feeling separate.  Walled off from their hearts.  Leaving one relationship after another.  Having affairs. Or settling into that “comfortable” boredom.

But I was very fortunate.  I ran into a few rare teachers.  I found out about the obscure  fields of neuroscience and communications technologies and gained access to that work.  I began to balance my “masculine” side with my “feminine” side.   I got in touch with my heart and learned to “have” my feelings.   I learned to communicate to connect rather than to dominate. (HUGE difference!!)  I discovered what women have known for centuries - the great value of nurturing and the pleasure in giving to others. 

Adults are dying to learn this stuff.  Even in the midst

of a “close” relationship they can be lonely and walled off. 

            We’ve all been in relationships where at one time or another, if not frequently, we felt lonely and separate.  Intimacy is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced by all of us.  None of us were taught effective relationship tools in school.  Yet now, thanks to some of the very latest breakthroughs in Relationship Intelligence, you can build an enchanting emotional closeness with your mate.  You can Co-Create an Exceptional Relationship. 

            The Relationship Skills are delightful.  My conservative estimate is that less than 5% of the population has any practical knowledge of these technologies.  You are about to gain knowledge that is powerfully transformative for all of your relationships.

            In this book we are going to be talking about some ingrained tendencies and biases in men and women.  If you are a male, you are going to read about some aspects of manhood that don't work very well in relationships.  The point is never to denigrate but to educate.  Have a sense of humor and read with an open mind. 

            We men are wonderful and completely delightful.  I know this firsthand.  However, much of this book is written from a more feminine perspective.  Instead of the more traditional he and his you'll often read more she and hers.  It's good practice for us males to consider some things from the perspective of the opposite sex. 

            As you read about the male/female gender concepts in this book, see if you can learn more about the masculine and feminine energies within yourself.  We all have both “sides” within us, and usually little understanding to go with them.         

            The world needs more love, intimacy, compassion, and cooperation.  The low-masculine models of behavior (me-first, dominance, control, dog-eat-dog, etc.) that predominant in our culture need to be balanced by some high feminine qualities like care and nurturing and heart-based action.  If we keep raping each other and the earth our time here as a species will be shorter.  You can make a big difference not only for your love life but for everyone by learning these powerful relationship skills and sharing them with the people in your life.

            As you apply these skills you will become a partner with all who want the world to work for everyone.  You will be setting an example and demonstrating what's possible for those around you. Welcome, then, to a new future for your relationship and your circle of influence.  Enjoy!

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